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First Week ( Orientation Day and Observation Week)


                  Hello everybody, welcome back to my blog. This entry will tell about my activities in first week of Sea-teacher project. I tell my real story in VRU and Boon Khum Rat Bum Rung school. Okay you must read it carefully and i say happy reading.

Tuesday, July 31th 2018
               I arrived in Thailand 8.30 am. It was my first time for coming in Thailand. I was very excited. I came to Thailand with my friends, namly Maharani, Dedek, Afrah and Mutia. They are the participants of Sea-Teacher project. So, I wasn't alone in aeroplane. My flight was two hours from Medan to Bangkok. And My friends and I landed safely. After that, I looked for Miss Nina. Miss Nina is my supervisor in VRU. A few minutes later, My friends and I met Miss Nina. So, Miss Nina took us to the VRU hotel. Then, I took a rest in Hotel.

Wednesday, August 1st 2018
              Based on schedule, today is orientation. I would meet The president of VRU, Dr. Supot Saikaew. The orientation held in VRU at Building No. 7. This orientation was attended by all participants, supervisors, buddies, and the one and the one and only, Dr. Supot Saikaew as the leader of event. The Master of Ceremony opened it and asked Mr. VRU President for making a speech, and he said greetings, motivation words, and he warmly welcomed all participants. During the event, the supervisors discussed about our mentor and what participants would do in Sea-Teacher Program in Thailand.  And then, After Mr. VRU President and supervisors finished their talking. Mr. VRU President gave all participant some souvenirs from VRU. And the last, all participants said thanks to him in Thai Language and orientation was finished.

Mr. VRU President gave me souvenirs

              My activities wasn't finished for this day. My supervisor said that today , My friends and I observed in VRU Demonstration School, because I went to Boon Khum Rat Bum Rung School in the tomorrow morning. And then, we went to the place. Before I observed, I meet the headmaster of VRU Demonstration School. Next I went to class from other class for seeing learning activities. I observed in music class, singing class, I saw the teacher and students studied relax and seriously. At 15.30, learning activities was finished and I stopped for observing in VRU school, so I went back to hotel.

Music Class in VRU School

Thursday, August 2nd August
                  It was my third in Thailand and Miss Nina said that today we went to BKR school. So, My friends and I prepared to check out from Hotel and then Miss Nina brought us to BKR school. My trip was more less 20 minutes for arriving in BKR school. We get orientation in Boon Khum Rat Bum Rung school and The director of Boon Khum Rat Bum Rung as the leader of the events. In orientation, I saw the teachers and headmaster, and the teachers discussed about our schedule in Boon Khum Rat Bum Rung school. And The orientation was ended. After that, the teachers delivered me to the dormitory. And then, I took a rest in my dormitory because my first observation day would be tomorrow.
My friend and I gave UMSU souvenir to The Director of Boonkhumratbumrung school

 the director of Boomkhumratbumrung school, all teachers, my friends, and I took a photo together

               But, it hadn't finished. At 4.00 pm , I met my buddy in Boon Khum Rat Bum Rung School. And I met her, her name was Jaa, she was beautiful, kind, and smart. Then, She invited me to the market, so i bought a chicken, rice ,and orange juice. After finishing, we went back to our own dormitory.

Friday, August 3rd 2018
           It was my day for observation in Boon Khum Rat Bum Rung School. This morning before class started, I saw many students cleaned their own school, and then students watered the plants. Not only that, Students also swept and mopped the library, nursing room, and, stationary room. They were very diligent and they made  all rooms to be clean. After I observe it happened in every morning. And then bell rang, all students and teacher attended a ceremony. In the ceremony, students sang national anthem and song for the king.The ceremony finished at 8.30 am. In my schedule, I would observe grade 9 namely M3/2. Unfortunately, today was mid-exam for all secondary school students. So, I couldn't do that. So, my activities today was interviewing my tutor teacher, Mr. Tam. He said that I could ask everything about this school or others. And then, I asked him about school profile, curriculum in Thailand, teaching system, teaching plan, materials and others learning sources. Even, we exchanged information about education between Indonesia and Thailand. And I didn't have activity except interviewing and observed around the school likes school yard, and others. I saw many activities in school yard likes sport activities.  And after I did my interview with Mr. Tam, I came back to my dormitory. And I took a rest and was ready to faced up my life tomorrow.

I interviewed Mr. Tam for getting information about education

Saturday, August 4th 2018
               It was weekend, so I didn't go to school. But my buddies invited me to get holiday in Ayyutaya The floating market. The name of buddies who invited us are Saipan, final, and Poy. They are very beautiful and very nice. They accompanied me to go around the floating market. At there, I saw many typical Thai foods and beverages, clothes, souvenirs and performances. I watched the performances, I thought it was quite scary, because the name of performance was pee mak ,which story from Thailand and the real story was more scary than the performance. And, I didn't buy anything because I wanted saving my money. But My friends, Maharani and Dini bought some bags and clothes. At noon, We got lunch in KFC, and My buddies paid our foods, we were very happy and thanked with them. It hadn't ended. After getting lunch, we went Wat Maha That. It was the royal temple that houses Budha's relics. It was one of tourist destination. I saw many temples at there. And they are very pretty and big.I took photos at there. And then, I was very tired so I came back to my dormitory. And It was ended for today.

My friends and my buddies were in the Ayyutaya Floating Market

I was in Wat Maha That

Sunday, August 5th 2018
                 Today, I had appointment with my buddy. She was from Bangkok. Her name was Banana. She said last night to pick me up and went to Future Park. Hmmm... I wasn't patient to see her face. Because we only communicated via social media. And now, I waited her. And well, At 8.30 am, she arrived in my dormitory. She was tall, beautiful and attractive. So, We had breakfast, and I asked her to try Indonesian food likes sambal teri kacang, And she said it is very spicy and She didn't likes spicy. Then, we went to Future Park. Previously, I thought Future Park was a park but I was wrong. Future Park was one of mall in Phatum Thani. It was the huge mall. We make photos at there, we went around the mall. I came in cosmetic area, I liked it. And then we got lunch in KFC again, and I was very happy Banana, she paid me for lunch. Oh She is very kind. And then , we went to our dormitory and I did my usual activities likes washing my clothes, sweeping my room, having shower, and others. And I thought This day was tired day.

We took photos and shopped in Future Park

Monday, August 6th 2018
               It was my second day for observation in the classroom. As usual, students did morning daily activities in the school and I saw students say greetings to their teacher who standing in front of school. They were very polite. Next, I saw many students played in the school yard. They played traditional games, but I don't the name, I have inquired them the name but I could pronounce and write it. I saw my schedule, I had to observe in grade 8 namely M.2/1 and M.2/2. But, there is no learning activities in the classroom for today. Not for a long time, it was from 8.30 am until 11.00 pm. And my class was 08.30 am until 10.30, so I didn't observe learning activities this day. It was no studying because students were made an essay about mother's day. Students could tell everything about her mother. So, I controlled in the classroom for helping my tutor teacher. I watched them so serious for writing the essay. After they finished it, the teacher collect their essays, and then it would be put in the wall magazine.
Essays were created by students

These Essays talked about mother's day

Tuesday, August 7th 2018
               This day, I would observe in classroom in primary grade 2 at 8.30 am. Hmm..  I was curious and not patient of this moment. First of all , I came to Mr. Tam's office. I met him and he invented me to follow him in the class of P 2/2. Mr., Tam asked me for helping him. He wanted me to cut pictures for instructional media. And, I cut them while observing in the classroom. I watched Mr.Tam taught them seriously and with happy face and he taught them about body organs. He taught it while showing body organs. So, students understood about the material. It was finished at 9.30 am.  And then, I observed in Secondary school students in grade 8. I observed that Mr. Tam taught reading a passage and the students repeated after he read it. After that, students answer the questions of the passage. And I saw students discussed it for answering it. And Mr. Tam controlled the class and the learning was conducive. 
I helped Mr. Tam for making an instructional media

Students were discussing to answer the questions of the passage.

Wednesday, August 8th 2018
             Based on schedule, this mt last day for class observation.  Today was Wednesday, so it means sport day,  and the teachers and students used outfit of sport, so I used it too.Today, I had three classes that I observed. I observed secondary school, namely M 2/1, M2/2, and M3/1. I watch Mr. Tam didn't teach in grade 2 likes M 2/1 and m 2/2. So, Miss Bam, the student teacher of VRU, taught them. She taught the material of "used to". Firstly, she wrote the definition, purpose, formula of "used to", and then she explained it and dave the examples. So, the students listened to her and understood it. The last, students got exercise about "used to". And students did it by themselves in their notebook. After they finished it, she collected their notebooks, sand checked their answer in office. 
                After getting lunch, I did observation in grade 9, namely M 3/1. Mr. Tam taught in this class.  I looked at him that use a suitcase as instructional media. He asked students for opening it and guessed what things in it. after it opened, he showed the things and said the name of thing in English. The things were clothes, likes blouse, trousers, shorts, suit, long-sleeved clothes, short sleeved clothes, and jeans because he wanted to teach about clothes. After that, he showed vocabularies of clothes in a TV Plasma. Students knew about clothes in English. And then, He taught for making sentences from the vocabularies, for example "she wearing a blouse and a jeans". After students understood, He asked them for making sentences by own words in notebook. So, English learning was ended. And My time was up for this day, and I went back to my dormitory.

Miss Bam were teaching "used to" in classroom

Mr. Tam taught about clothes and a suitcase as instructional media

               Finally, My activities for first week is ended. I am very fun for observing in Boon Khum Rat Bum Rung school. And the teachers are very nice to me and the students are very friendly to me. And I hope the reader get useful information and knowledge from my blog. And I will write my blog for next week. Don't forget to comment and share my blog. Thank you for reading and see you next story :-) <3


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